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Doing the laundry is one of the least enjoyable household chores for most of us. However, with the availability of tools like a laundry sorter, you no longer have to assign a day in a week when you have to complete mountains of laundry.

It is very likely that you have piles of dirty clothes that are waiting to be washed but you could not get yourself to start doing the laundry.

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First, let us answer the question. What exactly is a laundry sorter? A laundry sorter is similar to a laundry basket of hamper.

A sorter, however, is bigger, and is made up of several divisions or compartments. A typical sorter has about three to four compartments in the form of bags. Prior to actually doing the laundry, these bags allow you to sort your dirty clothes.

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The clothes may be sorted according to color or material. Pieces of clothing that are more susceptible to tear such as stockings and underwear from rough handling may also be separated.

Separating your dirty clothes in the sorter is a better way of organizing your laundry instead of dumping them in your hampers. Below are some of the ways by which you can save time in doing the laundry.

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Laundry Sorter Cost

You might want to know the price of a good laundry sorter in the market. How much does a typical laundry sorter cost? Laundry sorters cost about $10 to around $100. The price is definitely influenced by the brand of the sorter, as well as the dimensions, the type and durability.

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The durable types of sorters tend to be more expensive, but you will certainly be will to spend a bit more especially when you intend to put a lot of dirty clothes in the sorter. Some sorters may be cheaper but may not be able to hold many clothes.

They will just sag and collapse under the weight of your laundry. It is best to scour around so that you will find the sorter that will give you the best value for your money.

Benefits of a Laundry Sorter

You may be paying a little more for a good laundry sorter, but you are sure to benefit a lot from your choice. If you are not quite sure as to the benefits that you will derive from a sturdy laundry sorter, you will find them listed below.

Benefit #1 – Time Saving. You have to remember that a laundry sorter is supposed to keep you from wasting time. This means that all dirty clothes in the house go directly to your laundry sorter, instead of being scattered all over.

When you pick up the dirty clothes, you do not just dump them in the sorter. You start separating the clothes and grouping them in their respective compartments.

best laundry sorter These time-saving steps allow you to simply unpack a bag of presorted laundry when it is already time to wash your clothes. Your children can also be trained to imbibe the values of organization by giving them instructions to put their dirty clothes in the proper compartment. By doing so, you help not only your children but yourself as well.

Benefit #2 – Prevents Mess Due to Scattered Dirty Laundry. A laundry sorter facilitates organization and eventually clears the house of clutter. Dirty clothes tend to be left anywhere and can be neglected when you are not very organized.

A sorter serves to centralize the deposition of laundry. No longer does laundry accumulate in just about any area of the house: every piece of dirty clothing goes directly in the laundry sorter.

Benefit #3 – Organization of Laundry. When you have a laundry sorter, you are able to organize your laundry in neat compartments. The method of sorting is all up to you. You may choose to sort your clothes by color.

You may also want to organize your clothes depending ton the intended type of cleaning. A laundry sorter keeps you from going through piles of clothing and putting an appropriate piece in the wash area. You simply have to unload a bag of sorted dirty clothes when it is time to wash.

Benefit #4 – Ease of Laundry Transfer – It is easier to pick up laundry from all over the house because many of these laundry sorters are equipped with wheels. You simply have to move your laundry sorter from room to room and unpack the hampers in each room into your sorter.

After picking up all the laundry in the house, you can simply wheel the sorter back to its place. Moving a wheeled sorter from one place to another spares you the trouble of manually carrying loads of dirty clothes, which is definitely cumbersome and less convenient.

The best way to conserve precious time is through organization. A laundry sorter can help much in organizing your laundry.

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Of course you may be paying more for a functional laundry sorter, but the time that it saves you is well worth its price. You are able to perform your tasks fast, and as a result, you gain extra time to do a hobby or any pleasing activity that you would want to engage in.

Tips When Buying A Laundry Sorter

When you purchase a laundry sorter, there are some things that you will have to consider. You would want your sorter to look elegant, priced according to your budget, and will last you a long time. Keep these in mind when selecting a laundry sorter.

  • You will want your laundry sorter to be both functional and stylish, regardless of the area where you plan to put it aside.
  • A vital factor in selecting your sorter is the material. Heavy materials contribute to the weight of the sorter and it will prove to be difficult to move it around.
  • Materials that are too light may make your sorter unable to carry the weight of your dirty clothes. Understanding what you need will lead you to a good choice.
  • When you have many family members, you would naturally need a sorter that is big, and conversely when there is only yourself or just a few inhabitants in your home.

Laundry sorters are sometimes made with add-ons that facilitate your laundry chore. Keep in mind, however, that sorters with these useful accessories tend to be costlier.

You then have to strike a balance between budgeting and spending a bit more for a more equipped laundry sorter. A laundry sorter can help you organize and finish your laundry faster.

Buying a more expensive sorter may prove to be a better choice if you want something that is sturdy: otherwise, in your desire to save money you will tend to settle on a sorter that easily breaks.

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