Laundromat Equipment

Laundromat Equipment

Laundromat Equipment – There are many different laundry equipment vendors to choose from.

Most new models have advanced features such as reduced energy consumption (higher energy efficiency), shorter wash/dry times, current status indicators, and the ability to take alternative payment forms such as debit cards, credit cards, store cards, in addition to the traditional coins.

List of Laundromat Equipment Vendors

Laundromat owners tend to only replace their equipment when an existing unit fails.  The expected life of a commercial washer or dryer is between 10 and 20 years depending on its quality and usage load.

Below are a few suppliers of new commercial laundry equipment (some of them may also offer used equipment for sale):

Coin operated laundromat washers and dryers have come a long way recently in their efficiency and payment methods accepted.  As laundromat owners look to replace their aging machines, it makes sense to get bids from multiple equipment vendors who can compete for your business.  There is more to consider than just the price – other factors to consider are terms, financing, quality and reliability, maintenance, warranty, etc.

Laundromat Equipment Financing

Many laundromat equipment vendors will offer financing when you purchase the laundry machinery from them. Typical terms are 10% APR over 7 years. Considering that the machines should have 10-20 years of useful life, financing your laundromat equipment could be a wise financial decision that can increase your cash flow and add value to your store down the road.

Laundromat Equipment Leasing

Instead of buying new or used equipment, you can choose to lease your laundromat equipment. You will want to consult with your accountant and run the numbers on buying vs. leasing to make sure it’s a wise financial and business decision.

New vs. Used Equipment

Replacing existing laundry equipment with new washers and dryers is and expensive and time consuming process. However, many customers love new equipment.  The decision to replace all the equipment in your laundromat is not one to make without extensive research and careful consideration.  As an owner you will want to run the numbers to see if the significant cost of replacing older machines is worth it over multiple years of ownership.

Buying used laundromat equipment for sale could save you some money if you choose carefully and are able to find good quality used machines at a discount.

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