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About Us – Laundromats Business

Welcome to our blog 24laundromats.com.

This is an informational blog about the coin laundry businesses. We think this can be a heads-up for the one’s who are looking for open an Laundromat Business.

We curently want to open such a business and for the last 6 months we have gahter alot of informations we can share with the others interested.

We cover all the aspects of a coin laundry business from how much the initial investment costs to how to buy an equipment,where to buy one,  how to set him, and an Coin Laundry Business Plan.

Our mission is to guide people in the self-service laundry industry and improve the customer experience by providing informations within the industry of Laundromats,  resources required to be better, more successful business owners.
Thank You for reading us.