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Laundromats near me review

Best Laundromats Review

Best Laundromats Review


7.5 /10

Speed Laundry

6.0 /10


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24 H Laundromat

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10.0 /10

I like to find laundromats near me and not walk 2 miles until the closest one. As an USA citizen i know that the laundromats and dry cleaners niche is very wide and there are alot of places where you can find good laundromats but i usually stick to one or two i like.

I travel alot and having some places to wash my laundry is a must. From time to time i look for new laundromats in the cities i travel so here are my recommendation.

Laundromats Near Me Recommendations:

As i said i travel alot and based on my list with laundromats near me i will review each one of them based on my experience and the bonuses they might have or not.

SouthSide  Laundries – you can find their website here:  SouthSideLaundry

South Side Laundry - Laundromats near me
South Side Laundry – Laundromats near me

You can find them at:

  •   9108 S Commercial Ave, Chicago, IL 60617
  •   +1 773-768-8730

I find this laundromat to be the best in Chicago when I’m saying the best I’m talking about:

  • price
  • cleaning
  • equipment
  • local flavor

If you are a traveler like me, i highly recommend visiting SouthSide laundry.

What they could improve is having staff there who can help the new comers to handle their laundry and the coins.

I know that this is a coin operated laundromat but having someone to help in the process will be a big plus for them.

I also like that they have a lot of books which you can read when you wait for your laundry to be washed.

Speed Laundry – they don’t have a website

speed laundry chicago


You can find them:

  • 4721 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
  • +1 773-989-8886

This is my second choice if I cannot reach the first one. If you take a look at Google reviews, they aren’t so good, but I had a good time here.

I know that down on the street there is another laundry, but I haven’t tried that yet. So when I’m saying laundromat near me, I mean the closest one, so Speed Laundry have that plus from my side.

Plus points for Speed Laundry:

  • price – is even lower then SouthSide Laundry
  • is clean
  • there is always somebody there to help you – an owner, this is something you don’t see too often for a coin-operated laundry.
  • Free Wifi

For improvement they should have a bar where you can get some snacks while you are waiting and maybe a playing ground for kids – i saw alot of people coming there with their kids and they are bored.

New York – Laundromat Caffe

When i’m going in NY, i always look for a place close to Laundromat Caffe.

laundromat caffe new york

I don’t know if they have a website, I never found one, but their address is:

  • 439 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019
  • +1 212-664-0177

This is a cozy Laundromat, I mean they are called Laundromat Caffe for a reason – they have free coffee, and that’s a big plus from my side.

What are their benefits:

  • free coffee
  • personnel even if it’s a coin-operated laundry
  • pick-up from home service
  • tv
  • free wifi

I really like this location for obvious reasons. I can’t ask for a better laundromat near me when I’m in New York. I started to use their pick-up from home service last month and i’m quite impresed, they are very fast and very profesional.

DashLocker – New York

DashLocker is not something you see very often – they have a different way of doing laundry.

You drop off your laundry or shoes in an empty locker, and then you come back for pick-up upon receiving a text notification or by their app. In New York i find hard to find a good laundromat near me

dashlocker laundromat in New York

Update: They are closing their services.

You can find them at:

  • 1566 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028, USA
  • +1 718-361-1641

I really like them as you don’t need to spend time at them waiting for the laundry to finish off. I mean you can do it if you want but their pick-up sistem is great.

What they offer:

  • pick-up laundry service
  • they deliver you laundry to another address if nedded.
  • friendly staff

A great choice if you are in NY and you don’t have time to find laundromats.

Vegas Laundromats – 24H Laundromat

When I’m in Vegas I’m using 24 Hour Laundromat – this is their name. I haven’t really found many laundromats in Vegas, I think they need more than 5 or 6 in a big town, but I will take what they have.

24 hour laundromat vegas


  • 3547 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169
  • +1 702-893-2424
  • Website 24Hlaundromats

What I found interesting about this location are vouchers. I mean they run something like a lottery with vouchers, last time I was in Vegas I won a 30$ voucher – super impressed, i never won something free in my life.

What they offer:

  • paid wifi
  • bar and snacks
  • voucher contests
  • clean location

I usually reach Vegas once in 3 months, so it’s like at least four times a year, to find a laundromat near me was a must, I can’t just run in a town I don’t really know to look for a laundromat so that i will take the closer one.

I think 24hLaundromats will have a lot to win if they make a service like home pick-up and delivery for laundry like the . I was looking for such a service in the whole town, but most of them charge you double just for pick-up so I will pass. But still, even with this inconvienent there is no other laundromats near me in Vegas, they are quite far so i prefer this one.

Vegas should have more laundromats so for the entrepreneurs who are looking for a business in Vegas – tip here.

BrainWash – San Francisco

You can wash & fold laundry, sip beer & catch comedy or spoken-word acts at this multitasking venue.


Here at BrainWash i had my best time in a laundromat – they have another way of carying about their customers and the location is great.

You can find them at:

Clean, well organized and pleasant, unlike most laundromats in the city. First time I went, my wife and I set all our machines up to wash, played some pinball and ordered a burger (“The Burger of Doom”). Just as we finished eating the surprisingly tasty burger, an open mic comedy night was featured on the little stage of the cafe! Pretty rad little place!

This is one of their great reviews on Google Places. Sounds Good right?

What they offer:

  • Snacks Bar
  • Pinball
  • Stand Up Comedy shows
  • Great staff

If you are in San Francisco and youre looking for a laundromat – this is the best choice you have as i have tried 4-5 others.

Final Thoughts about Laundromats Near Me

I will update this article quite often as I travel a lot with my job. I’m looking for good laundromats for Washington and Kansas area as I will travel a lot in the next period over there and a laundromat near me can come in handy.

If you have any suggestions or you have any thoughts about the commercial laundry I used to review above, use the comment section bellow.